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Feasibility studies

These studies can be used within the early stages of a heritage tourism development. The connection between heritage and tourism can have great potential but is not without risk. These risks could be: when the values of the heritage site are compromised or the specific demands of the tourist sector are not met. We can provide guidance throughout the process to minimize the risks and find ways that the two sectors benefits from each other in a constructive way.

Business planning

How can historical sites produce sustainable net income and at the same time protect the heritage values and not put them into risk? Through building the heritage values into a strategy, a business model can be developed around this. In this manner the particular historical values will be recognized and further emphasized within the value chain. A business plan will then be developed around (a) unique product(s) within a strong connection to its distinctive business setting.

Heritage impact assessment

What are the consequences for a suggested development within, or close to a site with heritage values? By taking these into account, a suggested way forward can be planned without compromising the agenda of these values or the new development.

Heritage evaluation

This will give an outline of the heritage of an area or of a particular site in terms of feasibility from different aspects. Heritage evaluation is a useful tool to implement as a foundation of a larger tourism strategy or as a freestanding study to complement other studies. This can include development of existing or new projects. By doing this within an early stage, costly delays can be avoided and a balance between management and development maintained.

Economic impact studies.

How much income could tourism generate within a heritage region? How much will a relevant tourism investment/relevant tourism investments generate? These are questions that we can answer by doing this type of assessment study.

Heritage tourism strategy

A clear strategy has to be set to protect the promoted heritage in the long term and choose a strategy that includes all stakeholders. This strategy will also outline how the tourism sector can accomplish these goals, and develop to reach their fullest potential by connecting the two sectors.