Current projects

Historical food in Fjärdhundraland

Fjärdhundraland is the historical name for the area nearby Enköping, about a one-hour drive from Stockholm, Sweden. Since some years back, it is the name of the economical association with approximately 100 small companies, of which many ecological small-scale food producers. Fjärdhundraland has its members in a far bigger area. Here are many historical sites and attractions to be found, such as runic stones, Viking graves, castles, country houses and medieval churches. Local food craftmanship and historical sites is an interesting combination to offer the growing number of tourists visiting the area.

Heritage Dynamic developed an EU-sponsored project in cooperation with local food artisans, museums and associations.  This was a pilot- and collaborative project, managed by Heritage Dynamic.  The project aimed to find new ways for historical sites and associations to approach the tourism industry, this together with the food producers on the theme of food and food history. During the project, stakeholders were instructed in methodologies and practises to reach their goals and find new and better ways to serve their clients.

Project partners: Uppsala University, Fjärdhundraland Economical Association, Smakminnen AB, Salnecke Castle AB, Salnecke castlecafé cheese & deli, Lagunda Parish, Uppsala County Council and Enköping Municipality.